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April 22, 2011
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Manga curls tutorial: Himawari by Shu-Maat Manga curls tutorial: Himawari by Shu-Maat
Tutorial for drawing Himawari Kunogi’s (from xxxHOLiC manga, by CLAMP) curly pigtails.
A lot of people over the years asked me how I draw curls… I honestly don’t think I’ve got lots of secrets to disclose, but in the end, I decided to try. That’s my fiiiiiiiirst tutorial evaaaaah, I’m so insecure about it! *trembles* :fear: So please! Tell me if it’ readable, understandable, tell me everything that needs to be fixed. I have this fear that it’s not clear at all ç___ç but I hope it can be a little useful, and that your advices will help me for the next time.
Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I really didn’t know how to deal with tutorial pics. ^^’

Further suggestions? First of all, look at the references. Look closely, examine the most that you can. For Himawari-chan, the best are to be found in vol.10 of xxxHOLiC: flap through it and you’ll see that CLAMP has drawn her hair in a particularly detailed manner, there.
If you're going for black hair instead of brown, use just three colours: a hint of ochre, your darkest shade of brown, and black. Mixing brown and black is not easy as it seems, so be sure to blend very carefully. The slightest touch of charcoal will give a boost to the shadows! And don't forget to shade even darker in the back part of the ringlets -thanks Olaunis for reminding that!

This tutorial is for detailed curls, not for drawing them quickly or sketchy. I’m sure there are tons of ways to reproduce ringlets in a simpler manner (and DA hosts some good tutorials!); this is just my little technique. ^^
This tutorial is for anime-style, and definitely not suited for a lifelike portrait.

The lovely background image is a stock from MidnightCraze .

I’m going to try and make a second tutorial for different styles of curls that you can combine with this one, to achieve a richer and more varied result. And yes, it will include the infamous Caterina Sforza’s (Trinity Blood) ringlets of doom! Hope to get it ready soon!

Happy Easter, dear friends! ^________^

PS: I'm uploading some little stamps in my scraps, too! ^^

Himawari - A touch of sunlight by Shu-MaatYuuko and Himawari by Shu-Maat
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Thank you! I hope it will prove itself useful for your needs!
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